Criticial Materials Production with Advanced Photocatalysis

Naycel's innovative photochemistry platform is decarbonizing the battery raw materials supply chain, reshaping materials processing, and offering significant reductions in production costs and environmental impact.


Our purpose-built photoreactors harness the power of light and photocatalysis to drive trillions of reactions per second, creating economically viable, low-carbon-intensity graphite.


By utilizing renewable electricity to power our light sources, Naycel's reactors not only produce graphite but also usher in the era of Green Graphite. This innovative approach significantly slashes production costs compared to tradtional methods like mining or coke processing. 


The Naycel Trifecta: Passion, Technology & Sustainability

Our journey is guided by three fundamental values: passion, advanced technology and unwavering sustainability. The simplicity of our website reflects our cultural commitment to allocate resources where they can make the most impact on the world's most pressing challenges.